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Welcome to Concrete Works Beaverton! We are your premier concrete contractor in the Lake Oswego area. Our experienced team of professionals specialize in all aspects of concrete work, providing exceptional services for both residential and commercial properties. From patios to driveways, foundations to retaining walls, we have the expertise to do it all! With our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer service, you can trust that your project will be completed on-time and within budget.

Complete Those Concrete Projects - All Around Lake Oswego!

Are you planning to complete some concrete projects near Lake Oswego? If so, Concrete Works Beaverton is the perfect contractor for the job. We provide top-notch services and has been serving customers in the area for years. Our experienced professionals have the knowledge and expertise needed to make sure that your project is completed correctly and efficiently.

We specialize in driveways, patios, sidewalks, retaining walls and more – we even offer stamped concrete options! Plus, they use only high-quality materials and equipment when completing their work. Not to mention their competitive pricing structure that makes it possible for everyone to get great value for their money.

Lake Oswego Homeowners: Solve Your Concrete Woes with Us!

Welcome Lake Oswego homeowners! Has your driveway seen better days? Is the patio looking worn and tired? Is your foundation in need of repair? Concrete Works Beaverton is here to help you solve all your concrete woes quickly and efficiently.

We know how important it is to take care of your home, and that’s why we offer top notch services when it comes to concrete repair. All our work is performed by experienced professionals who are committed to delivering high quality results on time, every time. Our team will do whatever they can to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your project.

At Concrete Works Beaverton, we strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction with every job we undertake. We guarantee you won’t find another concrete company that offers better service or more competitive rates than us!

Uncover Lake Oswego's Outdoor Beauty with a New Patio

The city of Lake Oswego is renowned for its outdoor beauty and stunning waterfront views, making it the perfect location to host your friends and family for a memorable gathering. With Concrete Works Beaverton, you can now enjoy all that the city has to offer year-round with a beautiful and custom patio installed at your home.

Concrete Works Beaverton specializes in creating stunning patios that are personal, one-of-a-kind creations tailored to the individual needs of their customers. Each patio is customized using an array of colors and textures to ensure that no two patios are ever alike! With this professional level of work, you can finally get the patio of your dreams while admiring the breathtaking scenery that Lake Oswego has to offer.

Add Wow-Factor to Your Lake Oswego Living Space - With a Fresh Patio

Are you looking to add a touch of wow-factor to your Lake Oswego living space? Why not start with a fresh patio? A custom patio can provide the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together, while also increasing your home value. Finding the right contractor is key – that’s why residents are flocking to Concrete Works Beaverton. With years of experience in custom patios, our team of seasoned professionals will make sure your concrete design ideas come alive. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen or a hot tub oasis, you'll be able to create the atmosphere you've always imagined for your backyard getaway. Enjoy beautiful sunsets, BBQs and evenings spent roasting marshmallows with loved ones on your custom patio - adding fun and value all at once!

Invigorate Your Home in Lake Oswego: Refresh Your Driveway Today!

Whether you are looking to cut down on dust and dirt, refresh your home's curb appeal, or just want a safe place for the kids to play, adding concrete to your Lake Oswego driveway is a great way to invigorate your home! Concrete is low-maintenance and will last for years, so you don't have to worry about constant upkeep. It also adds an element of sophistication to any property.

Adding concrete can be a fun project that adds value and life into your home. With its durability and stylish look, it's the perfect way to spruce up the exterior of your house without having to do too much work. Plus, it'll help keep out unwanted critters and weeds! You can choose from a variety of colors and designs that best fit your taste and match the rest of your outdoor décor.

Be Prepared for Lake Oswego Winters: Seal Your Concrete!

Winter in the city of Lake Oswego, Oregon brings with it cold temperatures and wet weather. To stay one step ahead of the season, locals are encouraged to take some preventative measures to ensure their home's longevity. One such measure is sealing concrete surfaces- a quick and easy maintenance task that can help protect your property from the elements.

Luckily for Lake Oswego homeowners, Concrete Works Beaverton has you covered for all your concrete sealing needs! The team at Concrete Works is highly experienced in providing superior service and quality results. With their expertise, you can rest assured knowing that your concrete will be properly sealed against winter weather conditions and potential damage.

Repair Cracked Concrete, Lake Oswego: Introducing Concrete Works Beaverton

If you're looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution to repair cracked concrete in the Lake Oswego area, look no further than Concrete Works Beaverton. We are proud to introduce this new team of professional contractors that specialize in repairing broken concrete surfaces.

At Concrete Works Beaverton, we understand the importance of providing quality workmanship at competitive prices. Our team utilizes the latest materials and techniques for all repairs, ensuring that your concrete is restored back to its original condition. Plus, we offer a variety of colors and designs to customize your unique space.

Whether you're needing an entire driveway re-surfaced or a few small cracks patched up around your pool deck, our experienced team can help! With years of experience in the industry, you can trust that your repair job will be completed correctly and on time.

Building in Lake Oswego? Use Concrete Works Beaverton for a Firm Foundation!

Are you considering building a new home, shop, garage or pole building in Lake Oswego? Look no further than Concrete Works Beaverton for a firm foundation! We are the leading concrete business in the Pacific Northwest and have been helping local builders with their projects for over 30 years.

Our team of experienced professionals provide top quality service from start to finish. We will work closely with you to ensure that your project is done right and on time. We understand the importance of a solid foundation and our team takes pride in delivering exceptional results every time. From digging trenches and pouring footings to laying foundations and paving driveways, we do it all.

Concrete Works Beaverton is dedicated to providing superior customer service at an affordable price. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have about your project so don’t hesitate to call us today!

Need Something Special for your Lake Oswego Home? Try Decorative Concrete!

Are you looking for something special to add to your Lake Oswego home? Decorative concrete is the perfect choice. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it also provides a beautiful aesthetic that will have your guests in awe! From patios and pool decks to driveways and countertops, decorative concrete can be stained, stamped or designed with patterns of your choice – offering limitless possibilities for any home.

With decorative concrete, you can create a look that's as unique as you are. Whether you want something more simple or want to go all out with intricate designs and colors, there is something for everyone. Plus, with its durability and low maintenance requirements, you won't have to worry about it deteriorating quickly.

Decorative concrete adds an extra touch of beauty to any Lake Oswego home.

Enjoy Lower Costs & Green Benefits With Hydronic Floors in Lake Oswego

Are you looking to enjoy the benefits of a more efficient, eco friendly, and cost-saving home in Lake Oswego? Then look no further than hydronic floors! With their incredible energy efficiency and green benefits, hydronic floors are becoming increasingly popular for new construction homes and garages.

Individuals in Lake Oswego can enjoy the many advantages of installing hydronic floors throughout their home or garage. By utilizing heated water that is circulated through tubes located beneath your flooring surface, these floors provide an easily adjustable temperature control system which ensures that your space is warm and comfortable at all times. In addition, these highly efficient systems often require half the energy of traditional heating units while also saving you money on your monthly bills.

Call Concrete Works Beaverton Today For Your Next Lake Oswego Concrete Project!

Are you looking for a reliable concrete contractor to handle your next Lake Oswego project? Look no further than Concrete Works Beaverton! Our family-owned business has been proudly serving the area with concrete services since 1999. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and quality results.

At Concrete Works Beaverton, we understand that every project is unique and requires special attention. That’s why our knowledgeable staff works closely with each client to ensure their individual needs are met, as well as staying within their budget. From patios, sidewalks, and driveways to retaining walls and more – just let us know what you need done!

Call us today for a free estimate on your next Lake Oswego concrete project! Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process or materials used.


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