YES you can HEAT your new concrete floors!

Are you looking to make your home more energy efficient? Hydronic floors could be the perfect addition to your new construction. This type of system is both cost effective and energy efficient, as it requires only a fraction of the electricity that traditional forced air furnaces do. Not only are these types of floors energy efficient, but they also provide superior comfort levels due to the even distribution of heating or cooling throughout the entire floor surface. Plus, these systems operate silently so you won't hear any distracting noise while in your home.

When it comes to installing a hydronic concrete floor, there are multiple options available depending on your budget and preferences. You can choose between an in-floor radian system or an infrared floor system. Both systems have their own respective advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account before making a decision on which one is right for you.

Do you want to upgrade your home and make it more energy efficient? We are the contractor for you! We specialize in residential concrete, including radiant hydronic systems. With us, you can go green and save on energy with our efficient solutions. Not only that, but there may be federal rebates, too! It's time to start saving money on your energy bills.

Radiant warming systems in your concrete floors are energy efficient and can cut down on monthly energy costs. By having radiant concrete floors, you can improve the value of your home while also being eco-friendly. floors are becoming more popular in Beaverton as people learn about the benefits of radiant heat.

If you have a concrete floor in your Beaverton home, you may be wondering if it can be warmed with a hydronic system.. The answer is yes! Cement floors can be warmed with a hydronic system. using either embedded water tubing or electric heating mats set on top of the concrete and below your flooring.

Radiant heat uses infrared radiation to heat objects in a room. This can be generated using water or electricity. Water-based radiant heat systems use hot water to generate the infrared radiation. Electric radiant heat systems use electric coils to generate the infrared radiation.

Concrete floors are good candidates for radiant heating because they absorb and retain heat well. This is an efficient way to heat a room because it doesn’t lose heat through convection like forced-air systems do.

Hydronic temperature regulated floors are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to add comfort and luxury to a home. By using the concrete flooring as a conductor for heat, these systems are able to evenly distribute warmth throughout the home.

The process is quite simple; hot water or antifreeze is pumped through plastic tubing installed beneath the flooring. The heat from this water is then transferred into the floor, causing it to become warm and emit radiant heat throughout the space. As a result, rooms can be kept at an even temperature without having to rely on air vents or radiators which can create drafts and cause energy bills to skyrocket. Additionally, hydronic systems are quieter than other heating systems so homeowners don’t have to worry about loud clangs or random noise disrupting their everyday lives!

Hydronic floors offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. While they can be more expensive than electric options due to the cost of materials, they are much more efficient in the long run. This makes them ideal for those looking to reduce their energy costs while maintaining a comfortable home or office environment.

The key difference between electric and hydronic systems is that hydronic systems use water instead of electricity to heat a space. Water is an efficient conductor of heat, which means it takes less energy to achieve the desired temperature compared to electricity-based systems. In addition, since water takes longer than air to transfer heat, it provides a more even distribution of warmth throughout the space – evenly warming up walls and furniture as well as floors and ceilings.

It is important to have experienced, trained professionals when installing hydronic or electric heated floors. Our teams provide high quality workmanship you can rely on.

Our team of contractors are experts in floor heating installation and use only the highest quality materials for each project. We can install both hydronic and electric floors and offer a wide range of options to suit any budget or style preference. Our knowledgeable technicians take your project from start to finish. Plus, our experienced staff will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process or product selection along the way.

If you’re interested in adding radiant systems to your concrete floor, call Concrete Works Beaverton today for a free estimate! 

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